The third appearance of “the Arts Bridge” at the Frankfurt Book Fair, seeking a new way of communication between Chinese and Western art

The 71st Frankfurt book fair, a five-day event, kicked off on 16th October.  The annual Frankfurt Book Fair is the world’s oldest and largest publishing industry exhibition, and is known as the “world cultural vane”. “The Arts Bridge” project of Guangxi Normal University Press appears the third time at the Frankfurt Book Fair. A series of cultural exchange activities have been held in collaboration with the artists of the Annual Series for the Year 2020.


Four new art books unveiled, looking for world resonance with Chinese genes


Four new books from the artists have maken their debut at the book fair: Xu Bing: Book from the Sky to Book from the Ground from “the Artist of the Year 2020” Xu Bing, Design Fusion: Deconstructing West and East by “the Designer of the Year 2020” Yang Mingjie, Beauty of China: Show the World from“ the Honour of the Year 2020” Zhu Zheqin (Dadawa), Refashioning Concrete: Design by Bentu by “the Manufacturer of the Year 2020” Xu Gang.


The four new books are different, yet they have something in common. The four artists are based on Chinese local culture and explore their own artistic language. At the same time, they have an open international vision and a determination to let Chinese art works go abroad. In the books, they focus on people's thoughts, human existence and the relationship between man and nature with artistic eyes, help others with the power of art, and show Chinese culture with artistic language. Therefore, they are highly praised by international publishers and audiences.

Art installations stand out, showcase Chinese contemporary art in a limited space


The frequent appearance of the white booth in book fairs has made it almost a symbol of “the Arts Bridge”. The artists displayed their diverse style of Chinese contemporary art in a limited booth space of 24 square meters. The “art exhibition at the book fair” is worthy of the name, attracting visitors to stop to look at it closely.

The 3D book from Xu Bing is an extension of his work Book from the Ground, making the emoji language world built by the artist become more and more vivid. Visitors are watching the 3D books and introduction videos with great interest.


“Virtual Landscape Garden” by Yang Mingjie is also the star exhibit in the book fair, which is very eye-catching. This work integrates virtual and real,digital civilization and humanism, which is the concentrated embodiment of the artist's design concept.


The “Marble Installation”, designed by Xu Gang is also a unique existence of the book fair. The artist says, the idea of Dyeing Marble originates from the counterfeit agate process which blurs the cognitive boundaries between industry and nature, exploring a diversified and complex experience for the ever-changing cultural characterization nowadays: an organic and co-existing future.


Wonderful collision of Chinese and Western artists, jointly explore the new trend of art design


An art forum “Samsara of All Things: Boundless in Art and Design between East and West” was held on 2p.m. , 17th October in Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main. There was a full house, Chinese and foreign artists and scholars gave full and wonderful lectures and discussions on some art topics within four hours. 


Xu bing described the appearance and inner character of words, the impact of Chinese characters writing on the character of Chinese culture, the relationship between words and the progress of The Times.


Zhu Zheqin said, that design plays a key and transformative role in realizing a more modern and utilitarian industry which maintains traditional aesthetics but also meets contemporary needs.



Yang Mingjie’s lecture is about “the essence of Design”, he thinks, that designers and architects should solve the relationship between people, object and the environment.



Xu Gang talks about the experimental actions with material in the last years. “Bentu is global, creation has no boundaries” is the core of his aesthetic.


Design history and theory Prof. Klaus Klemp, museum director and curator Prof. Matthias Wagner K, artist Axel Malik were also invited to this forum. They responded to the questions raised by Chinese artists, extended the topics they were interested in, and discussed the significance of art design in today’s society, the commonality and future trend of Chinese and Western art design.


Starting from this year’s Frankfurt book fair, the Arts Bridge will begin a new journey, connected through a variety of resources, some international curation and international exchange programs are gradually promoting. In the future, we will also carry out commercial exploration of new forms and models in new fields such as cultural creative art design, education and training, to transform the international art resources continuously into productivity.